Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Purpose of a certified nursing assistant school program and its career in Northern Virginia

The purpose of any Certified Nursing Assistant training course is to teach the student how to care directly for the residents or clients they will be working with.  Whether working in a Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility, Group Home, Hospital, or even with a private care agency a CNA will always be under the direct supervision of an RN or LPN.  CNA’s assist in dressing, ambulation, transfer, bathing, and all around quality of life assistance with their client or resident they work with.

Major Course contents for Nursing school program Northern Virginia in United States:
  • Patient/Resident Rights
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Health Care Team
  • Legal Issues for Nursing Staff pertaining to the CNA
  • Medical Terminology related to nursing assistant
  • Infection Control
  • Documentation Skills according to requirements of CAN (Nurses)
  • Patient Care: Vital Signs, Bathing, Dressing, Feeding, etc.
  • Experience of Hands on nursing care to patients, residents, and clients in a variety of health care settings.
For anyone looking to start off in nursing career the best way to get a basic understanding of what true healthcare is to get enrolled in certified nursing assistant programs Virginia.  Working with your resident, client or patient in a manner of quality of life assistance will really make you aware of the importance of health care in all aspects.  Also, the comfort of job security in healthcare is always a plus.

By the year 2020 it is projected that what is called the “Silver Tsunami” will hit.  The Silver Tsunami is the projection that at least 25% of the US workforce will be over the age of 55.  All of the baby boomers have now reached the age where a vast majority of them will need care.  Now is the time where it is already coming to fruition that CNA’s are needed the most as most long term care facilities, group homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals are understaffed with Nursing Assistants.

In 2014 it was shown that there was a need for well over 1.6 million Nursing Assistants with that number showing steady increase.  With that being said one of the most needed jobs right now is the CNA.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the average wage of a CNA right now is $12.62 with an annual salary of around $26,250.  So not only do you have job security as a Nursing Assistant but you are also making a decent living.  Some other statistics related to nursing career to note between 2012 and now are:
  • 90% of CNA’s are female and 10% are male.
  • 11% of CNA’s have less than one year experience.
  • 45% of CNA’s have one to four years of experience.
  • 20% of CNA’s have five to nine year experience.
During your course of thought of what career you wish to start or should look into, give a thought to being a Nursing Assistant.  Not only is there a high rate of advancement, especially with already being in healthcare, but it opens the door to so many other opportunities.  Also, let’s not forget the difference you will be making in people’s lives.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

6 most common nursing career myths busted

So whether you are a new bee starting out with your nursing career or are an established veteran who has spent many years in the industry, you may be faced by many myths and misconceptions which may block the real truths and may lead you into thinking something that isn’t right. Whether it is CPR or first aid training, these myths just don’t seem to end. This is why we have come up with the 6 most common nursing career myths with their actual or real facts:

1.    There is a shortage in the nursing industry and that can guarantee me a job easily

Many people believe that since there is a shortage in the nursing industry there will definitely be a place waiting for them.  This is the reason why a lot of people are turning towards this career. While nursing remains a bright career prospect, one cannot just assume a guaranteed job. They may still have to work hard for it.

2.    First aid training and CPR training are not real nursing degrees

Another myth associated with the nursing career path is that courses like CPR training or first aid training are not real nursing degrees and will not be valued. This is untrue since both these courses as well as the many other such diploma courses are highly valued. There are many CPR and first aid classes Chantilly VA offering the best education and high possibility of jobs.

3.    Nursing school programs are not worth the hard work

Another myth is that people think that nursing school programs are not really worth the hard work and don’t produce results which are worthy of all the hard work and time. This is untrue because most of such programs produce good results, guarantee good jobs and are high paying as well. These jobs are much respected in the industry and have a lot of scope for promotions.

4.    Online nursing programs must not be trusted

A lot of online nursing school program northern Virginia and other areas are available these days but people believe that these courses just cannot be trusted. This is a myth since most online programs are registered and valid. They provide the same level of training and education as the other regular courses and also give you a diploma or certificate.

5.    To avoid emotional stress, I must not develop a relationship with my patients

Developing a good relationship with patients is often the requirement for people who are in the nursing profession as this is a basic necessity of the job. By doing so, you will only be helping them and not causing them any kind of stress.

6.    Nursing degrees are easy to come by and simple to pursue

Nursing degrees like first aid training etc. may be short term and less time consuming but they are not necessarily easy or simple to pursue. To pursue a nursing degree, you can log on to firstnursingacademy.com.